Welcome to the Limited Edition Fine Art Prints Gallery.


Thank you for stopping by.  Before you view the prints, please take a moment to read through the information below. 

I created the originals these prints were made from using a technique called "stippling".  A stippled work of art is created using MANY individual dots of ink to create an entire image.  It is a painstaking and very tedious process, but when done well, the results are worth the effort.

Each of the print titles offered here is limited to a one time only edition of 30 signed and numbered prints plus 5 artist's proofs.  The signed and numbered prints are available for purchase here.  The 5 artist's proofs will remain with the artist to be used as personal gifts and for donations to various conservation/research related non-profit organizations to help them raise funds.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the limited edition prints will be used to fund herpetological research.

And finally, a bit about myself:  I have been professionally involved in herpetology for the last ten years.  My experience ranges from positions in the zoo/aquarium world, conducting research in the field, to  working in the academic side of herpetology.  The animals I work with inspire me in many ways, one of which being my artistic side.  My artwork has appeared in a number of periodicals in the United States and Europe.  I am also represented by several art galleries.  All of my illustration work is 100% biologically accurate, right down to getting every last tiny scale into the exact position it would be on the living animal.

I hope you will enjoy viewing the prints.  Thanks again for stopping by to take a look.

Will Brown

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